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Governor launches investigation into unprocessed applications


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said on Wednesday that he is launching an investigation after 125 boxes, which were filled with welfare applications and voter registration forms, were left in a conference room at the Department of Social Services.

"The idea that supervisors would tolerate boxes of documents sitting around unprotected," Malloy said. "And understanding some of those documents were requests for registering voters is unacceptable."

Five managers at the Connecticut Department of Social Services were put on leave after more than 100 boxes of documents with some dating back to 2009 were found in a conference room.

"We've got five managers that are out on administrative leave. We will work the process," said Department of Social Services Commissioner Roderick Bremby. "Based on that investigation, we will make our determination if additional people will be out on leave."

Bremby said two months ago, those boxes were not in the conference room, but he wants to know where they were before and who has been moving them.

He said an employee came forward and told someone about the boxes. However, when a manager was told, nothing was done, according to Bremby.

Voter registration forms are given out by the Connecticut Department of Social Services to encourage people to vote. However, they are not actually voter cards, but requests for information.

Malloy said that these missing documents may have contributed to some of the confusion in Hartford on election night. In Hartford, people could not register to vote even though they thought they had filled out the right forms, which resulted in huge lines.

"Be clear this is not people who thought they registered and were not," said Secretary of the State Denise Merill. "Because these were not the completed forms ... at least that's my understanding now."

Eyewitness News has learned that it will take seven to 10 days to go through all the boxes and what's inside.

There could be still penalties for those involved because these were federal forms.

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