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Sheep, goat carcasses found in Middletown


The carcasses of sheep and goats were found inside black bags at a vacant home in Middletown Wednesday.

Police received a call from Wesleyan University film students who were shooting a horror movie in the area of River Road when they discovered the bad smell. 

"The indications from the state veterinarian's office is these animals were slaughtered and these were the renderings from that slaughter," said Raymond Connors of the Chief State Animal Control Division.

It is unclear that how long the carcasses have been at the apartment. State officials told Eyewitness News it's hard to figure out how long they've been here because the weather has been so cold.

The sheep had ear tags on them, so the state veterinarian is trying to trace where the animals came from, according to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

"I don't understand where they got it," said Kyle Wright of Middletown. "It had to have been from a different town. I don't know there's any sheep in Middletown."

The person who left the carcasses could face illegal dumping charges, according to Department of Agriculture officials. 

There is also a concern that the sheep weren't brought to Connecticut legally, according to state officials. 

"That's the big concern for the Department of Agriculture, where these animals originated from. And were they brought into the state of Connecticut or were they snuck in without health certificates that they need?" Connors said.

The owner of the house told Eyewitness News it has been vacant for years and there are also few buildings in the area, which is why it may have gone unnoticed for a while.

Once the owner finds out how to dispose of the animal parts properly, he told Eyewitness News he would get rid of them.

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