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Lawsuit filed against Torrington after city rejects methadone clinic proposal


Two sides fighting over the future of a methadone clinic in Litchfield County are heading to court.

The company that pitched bringing the drug treatment center to Torrington is now suing the city.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, by a 4-1 vote, rejected an application to put a Methadone Clinic on Kennedy Drive on Nov. 14.

Shortly after the vote, the Hartford Dispensary filed a lawsuit against the city, which could end up costing Torrington. The company claims it is a case "of not in my backyard."

The property, which used to belong to the Boy Scouts of America, is just off Route 8 and across the street from an industrial park.

During the public hearings, residents spoke out about the proposal and many even signed a petition against it, including the city's mayor.

"The city is kind of funny," said Anthony Giglio of Torrington. "I'm not too sure about it though."

But, there are some residents who support the methadone clinic.

"I'd like to not see it here, but who am I," said Dolly Carbone of Torrington.

The Hartford Dispensary is filing a lawsuit claiming the city is discriminating against patients and prospective patients.

"Based on stereotypes of and a general stigma against methadone treatment and substance abuse patients that have been proven to be untrue and unwarranted," the complaint filed by attorney's for the Hartford Dispensary stated.

The company wants its application granted and for the city to cover court costs.

Tracy Fortier said there's a substance abuse problem in the country, but she isn't so sure what the solution is.

"It just seems like it's getting worse," said Fortier, who told Eyewitness News that she has seen substance abuse first hand. "So if it's no to Methadone, what would be option B? I'm not too sure of it."

The Hartford Dispensary wants the court to order the commission to grant the application, but they're also looking for cost and relief, which the court deems "equitable and appropriate."

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