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Low-flying helicopter to string CL&P transmission lines


New transmission lines towering more than 80-feet in the air are being installed in Waterford.

According to Connecticut Light & Power, the new lines are being installed in an effort to strengthen the region's power grid and reliability.

But, CL&P said, unlike the traditional cable-pulling work on the ground, the state's largest utility company will be utilizing a low-flying helicopter to put the lines in place.

"Using the helicopter reduces the amount of time needed to complete the wire-stringing process from days to hours, compared to conventional methods," said Mark A. Smith, Lead Project Manager-Transmission Projects for CL&P.

A specially-trained pilot will guide the aircraft and will thread the lines into pulleys mounted on new transmission structures in an existing CL&P right-of-way.

The nylon lead line will eventually pull new electric lines into place.

The first of two flights will occur Monday between Spithead Road and Rock Ridge Road, and the second will take place Wednesday between Rock Ridge Road and Interstate 95 sometime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The schedule is weather-dependent.

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