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Ticket broker reimburses customers who miss football game


A Norwalk ticket broker that has left several football fans high and dry on opening weekend after dozens spent hundreds of dollars for an all-inclusive bus trip to watch the New York Giants game has began the process of reimbursing them all.

On the Scene Entertainment offered Connecticut fans the chance to see the first game of the 2012 NFL season as the Giants took on the Dallas Cowboys. The package also included a catered bus trip to and from the game for only $75.

"The day of, they all went up to meet the bus and the bus never came," said Janet Markowicz.

However, several of the people who purchased packages from On the Scene Entertainment, never got to see the game.

Markowicz and her family were victims of a similar trip back in the summer of 2011 to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game.

"I was kinda shocked," she said.

Markowicz said she was out $525 and resigned to the possibility that she may never see that cash again. However, when she watched story on Eyewitness News and realized she wasn't the only one, she reached out to the television station.

"I came to realize he was not going to give me my money back so we went to look for other avenues," Markowicz said. "I contacted you."

However, Markowicz was not the only customer stiffed by On the Scene Entertainment owner Ernst Turnier.

"Dealing with these people, the ticket people I deal with, something just went wrong. I don't know if he went out and sold the tickets or what he did exactly," he said. "It's been hard to get in contact with him."

A visit from Eyewitness News prompted swift action. On the very day Eyewitness News spoke to Markowicz, Turnier made things right and refunded her in full.

"He said he was sorry for everything," Markowicz said. He had some problems and issues at the time and I said that's fine, and I could understand people having problems but he just should have been honest about the whole thing.

Turnier said he "no regrets at all" with how he handled the situation.

"Hey, if somebody had these expectations to go to a game, I'm sure they'd be a little furious and what not, but I've always been in contact with people," he said.

When asked if everyone was getting their money back, he had a different response.

"To tell you the truth, I haven't watched the news story. News is news," Turnier said. "You guys are just in it to do a story so, hey, as far as people you profiled, I don't know."

Eyewitness News has learned since this debacle, On the Scene Entertainment is no longer operating. 

"I decided to put the business on hold for now, just because we wanted to make things right with some of the customers who unfortunately things didn't work out for," Turnier said.

And many of the folks profiled in September that Eyewitness News could contact, said they've been repaid as well, just in time for the holidays.

"My Christmas shopping is all done," Markowicz said. "That's how it enhanced it, I'm done." 

Many of these trips were popular and booked full. However, Turnier said he believes every customer has been contacted and has seen some sort of refund.

As for the business, Turnier told Eyewitness News once everything is straightened out, he'll give it another shot.

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