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State asks for emergency declaration to speed up repairs on bridge


Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on neighborhoods across our state but it also damaged some roads and bridges.

The bridge that connects Milford and West Haven along Route 162 had some serious damage and the state has requested for an emergency declaration to expedite the repairs.

"As a general rule this is a very high pedestrian area for older and younger people who jog," said Addison Hawes of Milford.

Milford resident Lawrence Argraves' yard is still turned upside down and he's trying to recover from the several feet of water that consumed his basement.

"You couldn't walk through here the day of that storm," Argraves said.

However, the bridge outside his house that connects his town of Milford to neighboring West Haven is also in rough shape.

"It was messed up from the last storm and it just keeps happening," Hawes said.

The state-owned bridge that carries traffic along the shoreline along Route 162 lost its sidewalks and some of the road has been undermined. The state told Eyewitness News the bridge itself is fine.

The state is fronting $500,000 to make the repairs as part of emergency declaration. State officials are expecting full reimbursement from the federal government because it is all storm-related damage.

The state applied for an emergency declaration to get the bidding and design project  expedited and it will take months rather than years to complete.

In addition to the repairs, the state is also building a protective barrier on both sides that comes out about 60 feet to protect the bridge from future storms.

"Hopefully they do something. It's a lot of money to keep fixing this," Argraves said.

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