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Glass ship found in hurricane debris in Milford


Hurricane Sandy ripped down homes and flooded entire neighborhoods when it tore through our state, but one item, made out of glass, somehow survived it all.

"It's such a fragile piece and it survived the wrath of Hurricane Sandy," said Steven Johnson of Milford Conservation Commission.

A group of volunteers, put together by the Milford Conservation Commission, helped remove all sorts of damage from the beaches. The cleanup crews found a replica glass ship in the debris along the beach.

"We were just pulling out all sorts of things like siding, decking and trash out of the beach," said volunteer Trista Simoncek.

Now, the Milford Conservation Commission is trying to figure out who owns the replica glass ship. They believe it was washed out of someone's house that was damaged.

"To have something so fragile survive. It's one little step we can do to reconnect something of value to somebody in the Milford area," Johnson said.

Anyone who recognizes the ship is asked to contact the Milford Conservation Commission at 203 783-3201.

"If you can find any shard of your life from before, maybe something that was special to you," Simoncek said. "Hopefully, it brings hope to the future."

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