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Mother of Meriden stabbing victim speaks out


The mother of a 13-year-old teen from Meriden, who survived a stabbing, is calling for justice Tuesday night.

DeShawn Jones and his friend Deandre Felton were walking home from the mall on the night of Sept. 21 when the incident happened.

Deandre died and a subsequent investigation found the man who stabbed the teens was acting in self-defense and wouldn't be charged.

Alexis Jones said DeShawn has never been a violent kid and right now, she's looking to get a lawyer and sue. Because she told Eyewitness News that she believes her son was targeted because of his race.

"My sons story is completely contradicting everything these witnesses are saying," Alexis Jones said

Alexis Jones said she is sticking by her son and told his side of the story Tuesday night. 

"I just look at my son and he's not the same, he's not the same. He's had a couple mental breakdowns," Alexis Jones said. "And the only thing I can do is grab my son and hold him tight and let him know I'm here, he's going to be OK."

The Meriden Police Department quickly secured the scene and spoke with several witnesses, which helped them identify a person of interest within 22 hours of the double stabbing.

The man, who worked at the mall, told investigators that he had been too scared to call police initially, but told them he had tried to avoid the large group.

Soon, he was tackled down by one teen while being punched by the other. That's when he said he took out his pocket knife. Witnesses to the double stabbing gave consistent accounts as to what happened prior to, during and after the incident.

When the mall closed, the witnesses told police that they all gathered in the parking lot of the mall, where Deandre and DeShawn, whom the witnesses claimed were both "high," made statements to the effect that they wanted to "look for trouble" and "beat someone up."

State's Attorney Michael Dearington said the unidentified man was "not an aggressor, but was indeed an innocent victim" and would not be charged in the incident. The man is not being named for his protection.

"He was a stranger to the two assailants [Deandre and DeShawn] and apparently had never had any contact or association with either and posed no threat to them that evening," Dearington stated in a previous report. "Accordingly, it is concluded that [the victim] should not be charged with a commission of a crime with respect to this tragic incident."

Alexis Jones said her son tells a completely different story and she wants his name cleared.

"From what my son told me, it was just him and Deandre walking at the time, they were talking and they were laughing and this man was behind them and I guess it was too much noise for him so he turned around and yelled at him and said shut up you little (expletive)," she said. 

Alexis Jones said she plans on hiring an attorney and told Eyewitness News that she won't stop until she finds justice for her son and Deandre.

"Justice to me is to see this man behind bars for what he did to these children," Alexis Jones said.

Eyewitness News contacted the states attorney Tuesday and they said they don't find any evidence that contradicts the reports they've released.

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