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Farmer said water runoff is eroding his field in Colchester


Eyewitness News got answers for a farmer in Colchester, who said the runoff along Route 16 is eroding his field and he wants curbing to be installed by the state.

John Mohrlein has spent the last four years trying to have curbing installed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. However, on Wednesday, he got an answer that he was not expecting.

"I'm waiting for the boss to make a decision," he told Eyewitness News. "It's been four years now and nothing's happened yet."

According to Mohrlein, when Route 16, where his 70-acre farm sits, was repaved, the water runoff is eroding the state's right of way and the sand is washing out into his hayfield.

"I just want them to repair it," Mohrlein said.

The DOT told Eyewitness News that they have no plans to fix the problem.

"Hydraulic engineers have looked at the water runoff situation on Route 16 along the Mohrlein Farm and have determined curbing is not warranted," said DOT Spokesman Kevin Nursick. "The DOT owns the right of way, which allows natural sheeting of water off the roadway."

The DOT also said they appreciate Mohrlein mowing the state right of way. However, the state has asked him not to cut it short, so, the grass roots could take hold and the soil wouldn't erode.

Mohrlein tole Eyewitness News without a curb, the runoff is undermining the edge of the road. 

"They're going to lose the edge of the road," he said. "You'll see it better down here."

The DOT also told Eyewitness News curbing redirects water, and while it corrects some problems, it also creates new problems such as where is all that water going to go. 

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