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Car torn apart by mystery driver


A woman is hoping the social media will help her find FOX 12's Most Wanted after someone ripped off her car door Tuesday.

Jessica Foster's car was parked in front of her home on Northeast 62nd and Skidmore when she heard a loud noise at about 4:45 p.m.

Foster ran outside but whoever hit her car was already gone.

"The guy drove off with half my car door attached to him," Foster said.

The sideswipe was so severe several neighbors heard it, but police say there were no witnesses to the crash. The scrape begins near the brake light and runs along the driver's side of the car. The back passenger door was completely ripped off.

"I need to replace pretty much the whole side of my car so I'm scared to get an estimate," Foster said. "Hopefully, this guy will come forward."

A full-time college student, Foster works two jobs to pay tuition and rent. With this new expense, she may have to drop out next semester.

"I'm relying on the kindness of others," Foster said. "My landlord has been driving me around."

Foster has car insurance but not the right coverage. She's out of luck unless the culprit comes forward.

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