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Doctor accused of sexual assault offered plea deal


A doctor facing dozens of charges for allegedly sexually assaulting more than a dozen patients has been offered a plea deal.

The lawyer for Dr. Tory Westbrook of Glastonbury confirms a deal is on the table, but wouldn't tell Eyewitness yet whether he intends to accept it.

Westbrook, who has pleaded not guilty to all the charges, appeared in Middlesex Superior Court Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing.

His lawyer Norm Patis told Eyewitness News the hearing was continued to January while Westbrook, who is also accused of insurance fraud, decides whether or not to accept a plea deal.

Former patients of the doctor said they still want to see him face the consequences.

"I'm just hoping he does get what he deserves for doing what he did," said one former patient of Westbrook, who wished not to be identified.

The woman said she thought her appointments with the general medicine practitioner were a little off, even going so far as to switch doctors.

When the first of Westbrook's patients accused the doctor of sexual misconduct this spring, she felt like her suspicions were right.

Now, she told Eyewitness News that she wants to see him serve time.

"I think he should have to face his consequences for his actions and I think maybe a plea deal is kind of a way to sweep it under the rug and act like it didn't exist or didn't occur," she said.

Westbrook, who is a married father of four, is facing more than 40 charges from 18 different women. The charges range from sexual assault to larceny and insurance fraud.

Most of those complaints came from patients at the Clinton Community Health Center where Westbrook hasn't practiced since February. His medical license was suspended in June.

Patis said the whole case was started by a woman having a consensual affair with Westbrook, and calls the other patients coming forward copycats.

Patis said Westbrook acknowledges he made a mistake by having that affair, but that's as far as it goes.

His lawyer said at the January hearing, the judge will likely set a date for when the doctor must decide to accept the deal or take this case to trial.

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