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Groton police officer makes special delivery - a baby boy


A Groton City police officer made a pre-holiday delivery early Thursday morning - of a baby boy.

Sgt. Mark Tourville said this is the second delivery of a baby in his police career, with the first being 20 years ago.

This one, he said, went like "clockwork."

"She was already crowning and the baby was on its way," Tourville said. "It was quick."

It was just after 2 a.m. when he was dispatched to an apartment on Cutler Street.

A 23-year-old woman was in labor.

"A lot of time you think that if you have a 23-year-old in labor for the first baby, you'll have some time," he said. "Soon as I walked in the door, she was on the floor."

He said when he walked in the door he met the woman, and she was determined to get dressed and go to the hospital.

He said 'no.'

There was no time, but paramedics were just seconds behind him and assisted with the delivery.

"(The paramedic) wrapped the baby up, clamped it off, suctioned the baby's mouth and nose and the baby started crying," Tourville said. "Mom was very happy we were there to help her."

Both the mom and baby were brought to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital.

Tourville said answering this call was better than his usual calls.

"One minute you're arresting someone and the next you're helping people," he said. "It's one high to another high."

Because of privacy laws, the identity of the baby and mother are being withheld, but are both doing fine.

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