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Norwich police still searching for killer 1 year after woman's murder


Friday will be the first anniversary of the murder of a Norwich mother of two.

While her family has planned a candlelight vigil to remember Jaclyn Wirth, detectives are busy still trying to find her killer.

"We need closure for the kids," said Peggy Lufkin, who raised Wirth when she was 7 years old.

Now, she's raising her late niece's two young boys. The oldest is now 8 years old and she said he still has nightmares.

"He doesn't sleep well and his biggest fear is you know, they're looking for him," Lufkin said.

Detectives are still searching for a man, who was seen walking into the Mohegan Commons Apartment around 1:40 a.m. and unloaded nine shots through the 26-year-old woman's front door. Police said the gunman possibly did not know Wirth was standing behind it.

The victim was able to call 911 and that recording still haunts detectives that are working the case.

"Its very frustrating," said police Sgt. Mark Rankowitz. "We know the information is out there and people have it. And we're just not getting the calls that we'd expect that we would."

Wirth's murder came hours before her boyfriend was going to be released from jail. Police said he is cooperating with them.

"We are getting some of the information," Rankowitz said. "Unfortunately, the information sometimes comes second hand, so we're running down information that's not from eyewitnesses."

Police said they have some people of interest. 

"If we could figure out the connection and either put the connection involved or not then we're going to feel much better about where we're at," said Rankowitz. "The worse scenario for us right now is if it was the wrong person."

Wirth's family is hoping the answers will come soon.

"I don't feel that she was the target because she has nothing to do with anything that would be harmful to anyone," Lufkin said.

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