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Sources: 2nd crime scene connected to Newtown school shooting


According to Connecticut State Police, 27 were found dead inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting Friday morning.

However, police have been at a second crime scene all Friday and it is the home of kindergarten teacher Nancy Lanza, who shared that residence with her son Adam, 20.

Investigators have been on Yoganada Street, which is an upscale, quiet residential neighborhood, since shortly after the shooting took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School around 9:30 a.m.

The body of Nancy Lanza was found in her home, which detectives are now processing and the Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Unit is treating it as a murder case.

Adam Lanza went to the school armed with three weapons in a black Honda after he killed his mother at their home, according to CBS News.

Neighbors were visibly upset to learn the carnage spread beyond the school.

"It doesn't register. Really," said Lee Shull. "Everybody says it doesn't happen in their town but its the last place you'd ever think it would happen."

Shull said he knew Adam Lanza from school and the neighborhood and said he was a "quiet kid."

Homeowners a few doors from the Lanza residence were kept from their houses for hours as police went about their investigation. Some were escorted in by police then asked to leave.

"He asked if I was home alone. We need to get in the car and leave immediately," said neighbor Jillian Fraelick. "And take our dogs."

"We felt it was tied to the school but wouldn't confirm it," said neighbor Diane Fraelick.

As of 9:30 p.m., there is no positive identification being given out as to who was killed in the Lanza residence, but our police sources said it is Nancy Lanza. 

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