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Beyond boring walls

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Forget slapping a coat of white paint over drywall. Put some wow! in your garage makeover.

When it comes to walls, have it your way, says organization pro Barry Izsak. It is, after all, your garage. So move beyond predictable drywall painted white. Check out the creative wall coverings used in these garages.


90-minute stripe job

  1. To prepare for striping his garage walls, Carmen Buccini of Illinois brushed on three coats of white enamel to create a 6-inch wide band 36 inches above the floor. After allowing the paint to dry, he established a line with a laser level. He temporarily laid down 1½-inch wide blue painter's tape below the laser line.
  2. After applying blue painter's tape to the four walls, Carmen added 1½-inch wide black vinyl tape above the painter's tape. Then, he butted 3-inch wide red vinyl tape below the painter's tape, leaving a 1½-inch white stripe below it.
  3. To improve adhesion, Carmen rubbed down the vinyl tape with a clean rag. He then removed the blue painter's tape. Carmen and his brother applied the two bands of vinyl tape in the two-car garage in about 90 minutes.

OSB and corrugated metal never looked better

D.J. Smith put a rustic stamp on the interior of his 30×37-foot garage with oriented strand board (OSB) and corrugated metal panels. He sprayed the OSB with a fire retardant and clear sealer. For the wainscoting, D.J. crosscut 9-foot long corrugated metal panels (purchased at a lumberyard) into 3-foot sections.