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The ultimate garden shed

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Thrifty touches help a basic shed blossom into a stylishly organized spot.

For green-thumb homeowners, there's nothing like spending a beautiful day tinkering outdoors. Nothing, perhaps, except having a cheerful, organized potting shed from which to plan, pot, and prune a garden. A budget-minded makeover easily transformed this standard-fare 8×10-foot utility shed into a charming home for tools, supplies, and inspiration.

Adding color quickly boosted the vibe of the utilitarian structure. A few minutes rifling through a home center's closeout paint bin yielded several cans of sunny and earthy hues at a substantial discount. These small quantities of high-quality paint were perfect for perking up the shed, inside and out. Painted shapes establish colorful zones for organizing tools by function and size.

Frequently used tools are at hand upon opening the shed. Hooks, buckets, and cleverly reused household hangers place these necessities right inside the doors for easy access. Pegboard panels, topped with a shallow shelf for displaying terra-cotta pots, line the shed's walls and convert the entire interior into practical hanging space.


In the zone

Charming and functional, this potting shed caters to gardening enthusiasts.

  1. Enjoy  A spunky paint job and decorative exterior accents bring this backyard building to life, turning gardening chores into an enjoyable pastime.
  2. Store  Sheets of practical pegboard transform the shed's walls into an organizational haven where shelves and hooks can be arranged and rearranged.
  3. Tend  A work surface pleasantly positioned at the shed's window, with tools and supplies within easy reach, facilitates hours of potting and planning.
  4. Contain Bins and pails are sensible receptacles for keeping birdseed or fertilizer dry and contained. Shelves keep supplies off the floor and within reach.
  5. Maintain Small storage compartments mounted to the shed doors make pulling weeds or pruning a few branches a quick grab-and-go task.