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Lanza's background being investigated


Investigators are searching for more answers into the school shooting rampage in Newtown.

Currently, investigators are looking into Adam Lanza's past in hopes of finding out what may have caused him to kill his own mother and then 26 people inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Putting the pieces together is proving difficult, but investigators are gathering evidence and will analyze everything they come across, while trying to figure out what was going on in his head.

Richard Nova worked inside the Newtown School District as head of security. He said he remembers Lanza, his mother Nancy and his older brother.

"Adam was a boy very different from his brother," he said. "He was withdrawn most often, shy and basically scared of the world around him. He had some disorders."

Sources tell Eyewitness News the 20-year-old went through a psychiatric evaluation at some point in his life.

The evaluation was not court ordered.

Eyewitness News checked court records to see if his family wanted him committed to a mental health hospital. Court clerks said if there was a request then it would not be public record.

Sources told Eyewitness News that investigators are looking at the killer's love for video games. He lived in the basement of his mother's home about five miles from the school.

A source close to the investigation said Lanza smashed his computer before killing his mother and going to the school. Investigators are trying to access web servers he may have connected with since they're having trouble getting anything off the broken computer.

We are also learning Lanza and his father stopped talking about a year after his parent's 2009 divorce.

Meanwhile, Novia said nothing is adding up.

"It's hard to swallow," he said. "It's hard to make sense because if you know the family, this could not have happened."

Town and school officials from Newtown and Monroe are preparing Chalk Hill Middle School for Sandy Hook Elementary School students.

"I think we're forever changed, but we have to move forward," said Newtown School Superintendent Dr. Janet Robinson.

The school district is counting on getting Sandy Hook Elementary School students back into classrooms as a major step in healing.

"They are making the school No. 1 safe and secure," said Monroe police Lt. Brian McCauley.

School officials announced retired Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Donna Page would fill in as the principal when the students return.

State police released a statement Wednesday which informed the media that no further information was to be released at this time.

The shooting investigation is expected to last months.

"The Newtown Police Department will work with our community partners to restore a sense of security and normalcy to Newtown," said Newtown police Chief Michael K. Kehoe in a statement Wednesday. "Our law enforcement professionals are committed to helping the community through this difficult period. It is my honor to be associated with such fine people."

Robinson said the healing has to happen sooner.

"These kids have their futures ahead of them," she said. 

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