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Public forum on proposed Rocky Hill nursing home canceled


A public forum to discuss a plan to open a nursing home for ex-convicts on parole in Rocky Hill was canceled Thursday after the town filed a lawsuit against the management company.

Some neighbors opposed the plan, but the state said the plan could save taxpayers $5.6 million a year.

"They didn't give any notices to us, to the residents, nothing," said Toni-Lynn Coco, who is one of those angry neighbors.

Coco wants to know the reason why the state proposed location on 60 West St. may house people transitioning from a correctional facility, have criminal justice involvement and/or be individuals transitioning from a higher level of care provided by the department of mental health and Addiction Services.

"Why here?" Coco asked. "Why in Rocky Hill? Why in a neighborhood?"

The state is rushing to push this job through with a scheduled opening in February

The town is already fighting back and filed a lawsuit against the management company I-Care this week to prevent the opening. Rocky Hill has its day in court on Jan. 14.

"I don't think they should have anything to hide, they're not going to tell us anything in a forum like this that would be used against them in court," said Rocky Hill Mayor Anthony LaRosa. "It's just supposed to be an informational hearing, so people can know what's going on in their community."

Under Connecticut law, the state can override town zoning laws and aren't required to consult with anyone before going forward.

A robo-call went out to all residents in Rocky Hill to inform them the meeting has been canceled.

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