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Pawcatuck company cleans dirty water


A Connecticut company thinks it has come up with a revolutionary system for purifying water. 

"Our core technology is an ozone generator, there is nothing like it in the world," said Robert Wood of Airwell H20 in Pawcatuck.

The system they've developed takes filthy water, actually from the Pawcatuck River just down from their plant, and pumps it through a process that eliminates all the particulate matter with a filter.

"As we speak right now, 1.8 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water, and it's completely preventable," Wood said. "It's not that they don't have water, but they are drinking dirty sources of water. They're getting sick."

Then their patented process kills off any viruses, bacteria or any living thing in the water without chemicals.

"We have something that can clean up drinking water in the Caribbean," Wood said. "It can also replace chemicals and biocides in cooling towers and also clean swimming pool water as well."

In addition, their system fits into a small container. The tanks at their headquarters are for demonstration only.

They've also developed a turbo dehumidifier to get 1,000 gallons water from the air.

As for power, Airwell H20 uses a solar system to run the whole operation.

To roll it all out will take a workforce and their sight are set high there as well.

"Within three years, 500 jobs and these would be higher paying jobs in terms of administrative jobs as well as engineering," Wood said.

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