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Newtown residents start petition against assault weapons


Most people will agree something needs to change after one of the largest school shootings happened right here in Connecticut just one week ago Friday.

But Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe questions what needs to change.

"I'm not really sure what needs to be changed to safeguard our children in schools but something should change," he said. "We will have to look at this in detail to see if this could have been prevented."

Some people who live in Newtown know what should change, and they're starting with a petition to ban assault weapons.

It's not clear how many people have signed it and when we called some businesses - they weren't sure how you can get involved.

The proposed "Sandy Hook Assault Weapons Ban" would be modeled with the anticipated federal assault weapons ban which expired in 2004. It banned certain weapons and limited the number of bullets a gun magazine could hold to 10.

Adam Lanza had two pistols and an AR-15 when he entered Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 and in just a matter of minutes, he fired multiple rounds killing 20 children and six adults. Before the school shooting, he shot his mother four times.

Some state lawmakers are on board to change the nation's gun laws. But there has been opposition from the National Rifle Association.

"The NRA spokespeople have been willing to deal with every possible cause of gun violence except guns," said U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman said he found the NRA statements in recent days to be disheartening.

The National Rifle Association's president doesn't support a ban.

"The fact that something is misused, whether it's a baseball bat or the mass killings in the Chinese school with an ax and a knife, it doesn't mean that you ban baseball bats, axes and knives or even guns," David Keene said.

For those who live in Newtown, they want the violence to end,  but the question is how?

"We want your support because I think in the end we want change, too, and who better than our elected officials to make that change?" Kehoe said. " Not sure what should change to save our children."

President Barack Obama will be confronting the gun issue and many told Eyewitness News it's a major opportunity for Obama to make his mark on history.

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