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Shoppers hit the malls for post-holiday deals


The Christmas holiday has come and gone and now, for many people, it's back to the malls and stores to return those less-than-pleasing holiday gifts and to use up those gift cards.

If you're one of the lucky ones not working Wednesday, a lot of you have the same idea. Tons of people headed to the Westfarms Mall in Farmington to check out post-holiday deals.

Kevin Keenan offered the best advice for people who wanted to return those unwanted gifts.

"My best advice that I give my family is come early or come late," he said. "And don't come during the peak of the day."

Keenan said the day after Christmas is typically "one of the busiest shopping days of the year" and Wednesday was no different. 

"There is a lot of shopping bags," he said. "There is a lot of shopping going on."

Keenan also suggested if people wanted to "brave out the weather" that the malls should be less crowded.

"It will mellow out for us," he said."But, really you've got all week."

Keenan added that many of the post holiday and clearance sales will last until the end of the week, right before New Years.

"You don't have to rush out today, tomorrow will be a good day too," he said. 

Jennifer Sanford said she was returning several clothing items that she purchased for her son.

"He got a bunch of sizes bigger being at Westpoint so everything that I got him didn't fit him," she said.

Sales are up this year, that includes people purchasing gift cards, Keenan said. He said it is typical to see an increase in gift card sales during the last three weeks of December because people are "running out of ideas what to get that somebody."

"Gift cards are always great," Keenan said. "Think of yourself, I think everyone got a gift card this year. That's what we see a lot of this time of year, gift card redemption."

One couple was just happy to get out of the house after the holidays.

"We are just trying to spend some time together," Sarah Lopes said. "Our baby is home with grandma so we are enjoying a little time buying some extra Christmas gifts for each other."

The mall is open until 10 p.m. then they're back to their regular hours Thursday.

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