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Gas prices remain high in 2013, lower than 2012


AAA said gas prices will remain high for 2013, but prices will be cheaper than in 2012.

Connecticut is in the top four for the most expensive gas prices in the United States.

"On average I'm paying $30 or $40 bucks to fill up my tank," Tom Do said. "I'm from New Jersey so it's a little cheaper compared up to here."

Record high prices have made 2012 the most expensive year yet for drivers.

"I don't know if the president can do anything about it, but it's getting to the point if it will get to the $5 mark," said Jon Bosco. "It's scary."

Connecticut and New York have one of the most expensive gas averages in the country at $3.90 a gallon. Drivers in Hawaii, Alaska and California are ahead of Connecticut paying on average more than $4.

The national average was $3.60, which is the most expensive average on record.

"It's ridiculous," Bosco said.

Now that we're in the new year, AAA predicts gas prices will stay high, but could be cheaper than 2012. That's because of increased domestic crude oil production that demand is expected to remain lower than in recent years.

There are other factors as to why prices spiked such as major hurricanes like Sandy, tension in the Middle East and refinery outages.

AAA said the price you pay at the pump also depends on what happens in Washington with the fiscal cliff.

Drivers hope prices keep dropping.

"I've noticed it got a whole lot better within last few months since the end of the summer," Do said.

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