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People protest massage parlor sign in Clinton


Clinton residents held a demonstration Wednesday morning to protest what they think is a graphic sign at a new massage parlor in the downtown area.

Serenity Massage & Wellness Center is expected to open at 1 E. Main St. near the corner of Post Office Square and East Main Street in Clinton later this month.

Braving the freezing temperatures, about a half dozen citizens were busy protesting the graphic signage in the window, promoting the new massage parlor.

"We made a lovely green over here and this on the other side of it," said Harriet Juel of Clinton.

Owner Yuhan Cai of Flushing, Queens owns the business in Clinton as well as one in West Hartford and Stamford. Town leaders said she has all the state and local licensing necessary to open the doors Jan. 15.

Building owner Bill Chittenden said he talked to his new tenant about taking down the image of a couple getting a message. 

"I said 'that's the way it is, I'd like for you to take it down. It's inappropriate,'" he said.

The last massage parlor in the same building was closed down by police and its owner was charged with prostitution.

However, this time around it's the blatant image that's upsetting many.

"My question is why did they get the permission," said John Hussaini, who is a business owner in Clinton. "Planning and zoning, that's their job, not the public."

While town lawyers check into the legality of the sign in regards to local ordinances, there is a selectman's meeting Wednesday night in which the matter of the massage parlor and sign will be brought up.

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