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Middletown man who wanted solar panels installed receives $9K nearly 1 year later


A homeowner in Middletown found himself waiting months to get back the thousands of dollars he put down in a deposit while trying to live more energy efficient by installing solar panels on the roof of his home.

Nearly one year after putting down a $9,000 deposit, he's still without the solar panels and just got his deposit back Thursday.

Homeowner Jim Reddington said one of the first things he noticed about his Middletown home was how perfect the roof would be for solar panels. The energy-conscious homeowner already has a geothermal system hooked up for heat, and said he wanted to save even more money by reducing his electric bill by using the power of the sun.

Last March, Reddington put down a total of $9,000 with Mystic Solar. He said they provided him with a layout plan of the panels that were to be installed on his roof. By taking advantage of a state rebate program, plus federal tax refunds, in the end he said the system would cost him less than $10,000 and would end up saving him $85 a month on his electric bill.

"I said, 'yea, that's a perfect fit,'" Reddington said.

The work was supposed to be completed by June, but Reddington said work never even started, and months later he said he discovered why.

Mystic Solar, the company Reddington contracted, is no longer in business. The company's assets were purchased by Airwell Water in April.

"I don't want somebody drilling into my roof that I can't trust. So I just said, 'I want my money back, I lost my place in the rebate program, which is too bad, but my priority now is to get my $9,000 back,'" Reddington said.

He's said he's been waiting months to get the money back but hasn't had any luck. So Channel 3 Eyewitness News went to Airwell looking for answers.

The water company's president confirmed they bought the assets of Mystic Solar, but that's it.

"We did not purchase the business," said Airwell Water President Robert Wood. "We didn't purchase the name and we're not responsible for their debt."

Wood said they bought the solar company to use with Airwell Water's technology, not to continue to install residential panels like Reddington's. Wood said that while his company is not responsible for paying back Reddington's $9,000 deposit, they will do it.

"I'm personally now involved and making sure this gentleman does receive his full money back, and I believe this should happen very soon," Wood said.

As for Reddington, he said he's lost his place in line for the state rebate, and has missed out on months of potential savings through solar panels. He said he is still hoping to get some installed, but couldn't until he got the money from that deposit.

"I mean I don't have another $9,000 laying around to send to a second company to get this done," he said. "So I cant really do anything with this project."

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