An Easy Superbowl Dish with Christine Ieronimo - WFSB 3 Connecticut

An Easy Superbowl Dish with Christine Ieronimo

Mini Reubens


 Mini cocktail rye bread

1/2 pound sliced pastrami or corned beef cut in half

1/2 pound Swiss cheese cut in half

Healthy coleslaw (without mayo)

Horseradish mustard




Butter the outside of two pieces of the cocktail rye bread as if you were making a grilled cheese sandwich.  Spread horseradish mustard on the insides of both pieces of bread.  Layer 1/2 slice of meat then one spoonful of healthy slaw then 1/2 slice of Swiss cheese.  Grill the mini sandwich as you would a grilled cheese sandwich on a griddle until cheese is melted and outside is browned.  Decorate with cocktail toothpicks served with deli pickles on the side.