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Long faces as Falcons fans leave the Georgia Dome


As Falcons fans headed out the Georgia Dome early Sunday evening, many of them had long faces.

The San Francisco 49ers won the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons 28-24.

"I'm very sad," said Falcons fan Taylor Culp. "But we had a great season. We broke history. We made history."

"That 17-point lead felt pretty secure about it. It's kind of like last week. We didn't show up in the third quarter and let the team come back," said Falcons fan Ron Watson.

Also, like last Sunday, a group of fans tailgating just outside the dome were holding out hope.

But some weren't willing to watch the monitors, as their dreams for a trip to New Orleans were dashed right before their very eyes.

"I was going to pack my whole family up and go, [to the Super Bowl in New Orleans]," said Falcons fan Pamela Lee.

Instead, 49ers fans like Greg Jones will head to New Orleans. Jones flew in from Oakland, CA, to attend Sunday's NFC Championship game at the dome.

"We beat the Falcons at home. That is big. I'm going to the Super Bowl," said Jones.

Win or lose, many of the dirty bird fans told CBS Atlanta News they were sad but not broken.

"It's just shocking, very shocking. I'm disappointed a little but I'll still be here next year, yeah. Way to go Falcons," said Pamela Lee, a Falcons fan.

"We just couldn't make it. We just didn't make it. We didn't have it. That's what it is. I love the Falcons, ride or die," said Khadijah Booker, a Falcons fan.

Falcons head coach Mike Smith will hold the team's end of the season press conference Monday in Flowery Branch.

CBS Atlanta News will have some of that news conference in the Monday news casts.

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