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Bullet found in Enfield school prompts extra security


Police in Enfield will continue to pay close attention to the Hazardville Memorial Elementary School after a disturbing discovery was made in the building Tuesday afternoon.

Police said a custodian found a live, .22-caliber round after the school day had ended around 3 p.m.

School officials said the Enfield Police Department was immediately called and they, along with Connecticut State Police, searched the building Tuesday night to check for any other suspicious items.

"We requested the assistance of the Connecticut State Police bomb squad to walk through the school as a precaution to see if there was any other ammunition or weapons at the school and none were found," said Enfield Police Capt. Jeff Golden.

The search turned up nothing.

All students' backpacks were searched by school officials, but nothing suspicious was found in any of them. In addition, a recorded message was sent out to parents informing them of the situation.

"It was a little more alarming to think it was a gun, unlike what I'm finding out now," said Cathy Darlington, of Enfield. "A lot more could be done with a gun."

School officials said no lockdown was ever initiated and no threats were made against the school.

Police told Eyewitness News that they will be paying closer attention to the school during the day Wednesday.

"We have our officers come in. They'll drive through the parking lot, come in, walk around," Golden said. "It's random. So, we don't want to get into a routine of when we're going to be here, but we're here."

On Wednesday, parents saw the active police presence at the school, but some told Eyewitness News, they were still concerned.

"Have to say I was really nervous, a little leery of bringing her in today," said parent Becky Semancik. "But, confident the school has the right security in place."

Parents told Eyewitness News that they are still curious and wonder what actually happened.

"I talked to her teacher when I dropped her off, they're pretty confident that it was random, accident. Someone could have had something in their pocket," Semancik said. "You never know, kids pick up things. You never know."

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Enfield police have increased their presence at all of the schools in town.

Police officials added they will continue to keep a close eye on Hazardville Memorial School until they can figure out exactly where the bullet came from.

Adam Lanza had two pistols and an AR-15 when he entered Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 and in just a matter of minutes, he fired multiple rounds, killing 20 children and six adults. Before the school shooting, he shot his mother four times.

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