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'Grossology' exhibit set to open in Midland

Green foam made to look like slime covering the MCFTA's sign. Green foam made to look like slime covering the MCFTA's sign.
Children at the exhibit. Children at the exhibit.

To generate excitement for the upcoming "Grossology" exhibit, a company named ZENTX slimed the Midland Center for the Arts' sign with 3-dimensional green foam that resembles Grossology's infamous mucus.

Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body is on display at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art from Jan. 24, 2013 through April 21, 2013. Grossology educates kids and adults about the science behind the slimy, mushy, oozy, and stinky things that occur every day in the human body.

Over 20 interactive games and animatronic displays will make kids giggle as they learn about sneezing, vomiting, belching, sweating, body odor, bad breath and other gross stuff.

To slime the sign, ZENTX used a 2-part liquid chemical process, which expanded and cured into a rigid urethane foam. The 2-part process, which produced a mucus-looking substance, was handpoured onto forms to produce an outstanding end product. The pieces were poured and cured at ZENTX's Freeland location and then later were attached to Midland Center for the Arts' sign.

The slime will remain on the sign throughout the duration of the Grossology exhibit.

"Partnering with Midland Center for the Arts on this project has been a great experience," said Mike Wenz, President of ZENTX Media Group, Inc. "Midland Center for the Arts came to us wanting to do something big that was going to capture attention and draw people in for the exhibit and I know that this slimed sign is going to do just that."

For more information on Grossology, visit the MCFTA's website here.

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