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State responds to Flint's Double-Dipping employee

Barnett Jones Barnett Jones

WNEM TV5 continues to ask the Tough Questions regarding a former local public safety official who had a second full-time job in Detroit at the same time.

TV5 revealed two weeks ago that Barnett Jones, Flint's public safety administrator, was also working full time for the Detroit Water and Sewage facility. Jones was being paid $135,000 by the city of Flint, and also making $139,000 a year in Detroit. He has since resigned from the Flint job.

On Wednesday, the state commented on the situation, saying it was "unacceptable."

They say they will put new provisions into emergency financial manager contracts.

Those provisions will include that anyone the EFM hires will not be allowed to work for another company without the permission of the city and the department of treasury. The same goes for the EFM.

We also had another Tough Question for Emergency Financial Manager Ed Kurtz.

When asked if he intended to hire another public safety administrator, he replied, "I don't think so. What we really believe is that we need another fire chief. We haven't had a fire chief in a long time."

Kurtz has not made a decision yet on who the fire chief would be.

Terry A. Stanton, director of communications for the Michigan Department of Treasury, issued this statement on the situation:

"The situation involving Mr. Jones, which the administration was not aware of until informed by the city, was unacceptable.  The matter is currently being reviewed by the Flint City Attorney and once the review is complete, the EFM and his staff will determine appropriate steps.

"To help emergency financial managers ensure such situations do not develop in the future, the department will insert into EFM contracts, provisions that will require employment contracts with appointees to prohibit such individuals from engaging in other employment without the express written consent of the EFM, who would also be required to confer with the State Treasurer before approving outside employment.  In addition, contract provisions will restrict an EFM from accepting other employment and/or compensation, without the express written consent of the State Treasurer. "

Stay with as we dig deeper into the situation.

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