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Flooding seeps into Davison Twp. business


The mid-50s weather record-breaker on Tuesday made quite a mess.

The roads were nasty, it was raining, the snow melted and the frozen ground was like pavement. It left the water nowhere to go but low ground.

And for a Davison Township man, low ground wasn't an empty field, it was the business he owns.

"When you got this much snow and this much rain and you got a pump that breaks, the water's got to go somewhere, it's not going into the ground this time of year, and it ended up going in all the parts of the building," said Doug Roberts, owner of Conquest Scents, a company that manufactures hunting scents.

Three inches of rain and melted snow breached his facility. Serv-Pro, a disaster restoration company, had most of the mess taken care of by Tuesday night.

"It's usually a slow time of year for water loss," said Todd Bronson, owner of the local Serv-Pro.

Bronson said the last couple of days have been anything but the usual  He said his guys are working overtime to keep up and keep mold from building.

"As long as we get there within 48 hours of the water loss, we can usually correct the issue and it shouldn't be a problem as long as it's dried out," said Bronson.

Roberts said he's glad his mess will be cleaned up but said for January, this is a headache.

"It just takes time to replace all of that and if you're not working, guess what, you're not making money, you're spending money," said Roberts.

It's money he'd rather be spending on something that would make sense at the end of January, something like snow removal.

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