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Retired East Hampton police chief stays on the job


The former East Hampton police chief is now the current chief as the town rehired Matthew Reimondo as the interim chief while they search for his replacement.

On Wednesday, Reimondo, who's been with the force since 1988, retired with a negotiated pay out.

On Thursday, unable to find an interim chief, Town Manager Michael Maniscalco hired Reimondo for three months.

People in town told Eyewitness News that they are upset that town council members didn't meet with Maniscalco to talk about rehiring the chief.

"It was not an easy decision," Maniscalco said. "There is no right answer to this one."

Maniscalco explained to Eyewitness News that all council members were available except for one, Ted Hintz Jr.

"Unfortunately, we tried to meet with a special meeting that was not possible because of some action Mr. Hintz took," said Council Member Kyle Dostaler.

This new controversy comes two years after Reimondo was fired by the town's former manager, only to be brought back through a referendum and $275,000 settlement.

Now, taxpayers are asking new questions.

"We've had numerous legal issues in the past," said East Hampton resident Bill Choma. They never seem to be resolved, they keep on popping up."

Many residents asked Eyewitness News "if the buyout states the chief is not to be rehired" then "how did he get hired?" The town manager explained there was a clause that allowed both parties to agree to any changes.

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