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Waterbury residents worried about coyotes in their neighborhood


Residents in the Bunker Hill section of Waterbury have been recently seeing coyotes in their neighborhoods and the sightings have many people worried. 

The people, who live in the area of Trumpet Brook Road, said every night they start hearing the howling and the cries of coyotes from the woods behind their homes.

"It sounds like a calling and the others answer back, and last night it sounded like they caught something and were trying to feed off of it," said Gil Velasquez, of Waterbury. "It is really scary."

According to neighbors, for the past two weeks the noise has been constant in the evening hours and some have even heard the howling in the early morning.

"If you hear a dog, you know it's a dog, but this was a real funny noise," said Jimmy Simpson, of Waterbury.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News that they called the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and state officials said coyote sightings are becoming more common. Neighbors were told by DEEP officials if coyotes appear again or pose a threat to call them back.

"It's scary because I have a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old and an older son," said Susan Velasquez, of Waterbury. "And a dog and I don't let them out now."

According to DEEP officials, the odds of a coyote attacking a person are low, but they will go after pets and small animals.

The DEEP officials said the best way to protect your pets is to keep them inside at night and not to let them run free.

Also, residents were told to avoid putting out any food that would attract coyotes and if someone does encounter one, try scaring it away by making loud noises such as banging pots and pans or shouting.

"I feel a little bit bad for them," said Gil Velasquez. "They're probably getting pushed out of the area, coming into the residential areas to look for food. "

If a Connecticut resident hears howling outside of their home or starts to see coyotes in the neighborhood, people are advised to call the local animal control officer or the DEEP's Wildlife Division at 203-424-3011.

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