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Predicted snowfall during day has schools on alert


For parents of school-age children, being able to adapt is part of the job description, especially when snow is on the way.

Most of the time, parents find out about school closings before the bell rings. But Wednesday, that call could come in the middle of the afternoon.

"You know there's a possibility that they might have to release early, so you're making arrangements as the day's going on anyway," said parent Nancy Taylor.

Taylor said being prepared makes it easier to adapt. Thursday, heavy snowfall is expected in the heart of the school day. Carrollton School Superintendent Dr. Craig Douglas says midday weather shifts can mean tough decisions.

"Philosophically, once we open school, I'm very reluctant to release early because it's so disruptive for parents," said Douglas.

Douglas said it's an easier decision to keep the big yellow buses off the road in the morning. In the afternoon, there are several factors he has to look at.

"Safety first. And then always try to think what's best for the families and the students also," said Douglas.

Douglas said he's only called school off early twice, but never because of weather. But when the threat is there, he said he keeps a close eye on the radar and keeps in close contact with other superintendents in the area. As far as the possibility of school closing early Thursday, Douglas said don't count on it. 

"Less than 50-50, I think we'll ride it out, unless there's some surprise beyond that," said Douglas.

Parents TV5 talked to said even though it may create a headache, the most important thing is that their children are safe.

"I'd prefer the bus not get into an accident. I would prefer to arrange it where my kids aren't in danger of a bus and get home early," said Taylor.

We also checked with some other districts.

The Saginaw School District said it does not close in the middle of the day because many parents are not at home and it would cause too much of a hardship.

The Flint Community Schools have a parent notification system. It will call, text and email closures if there are any.

Both districts tell TV5 they will only shut down after-school programs if the weather is serious enough to warrant it.

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