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Snow days adding up for school districts around the state


With Winter Storm Charlotte on the doorstep, school districts have already started looking ahead. Besides another potential snow day, school officials are trying to understand how the snowstorm could impact the rest of the school year.

Many districts lost time because of Hurricane Sandy and have had to close school because of smaller snowstorms. As a result, school districts are putting plans in place to make sure they get all their days in before the end of the year.

For example, in Middletown, the district has allotted a week in June to make up for snow days. Currently, the final school day for Middletown students will be June 18. However, if school is canceled Friday, they will go until June 19.

The school district also still has a few days left to play with before they have to think about canceling April vacation.

"I think it would be better to shorten the spring break because it's tough to go in the summertime," said Lisa VanNorden of Middletown. "There is no AC, no fans. It's too hot."

However, each school district is in a different situation.

Simsbury has one more day to use and plans to re-evaluate its calendar after the next storm.

In West Hartford, they're adding missed days to the end of the calendar as of now.

School officials in Torrington said they have a five-day buffer at the end of its school year and plan to make up any additional snow days at the end of June.

And in Bristol, administrators told Eyewitness News a snow day Friday will have no effect on the rest of the school year.

Parents in Middletown told Eyewitness News they will keep and eye to the sky and an ear open for any possible cancellation announcements.

"They seem to call them a little faster than they should these days," said Ed Davidson of Middletown. "But better safe than sorry."

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