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Southern Nevada police prepare for murder suspect

Christopher Dorner. (Courtesy: LAPD via CNN Wire) Christopher Dorner. (Courtesy: LAPD via CNN Wire)

While accused cop killer Christopher Dorner remains at large, police across southern Nevada are not taking any chances.

"Here in Las Vegas, we have not seen him, but we're not discounting that he could possibly return here," said Assistant Sheriff Greg McCurdy, head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Homeland Security Section.

McCurdy told a room full of reporters Friday that Dorner has strong ties to southern Nevada.

"With that said, all of our uniform police officers have teamed up in two person units, and we will do that indefinitely," McCurdy said.

Many of those ties were mentioned in Dorner's manifesto, including his college roommate Kinta Smith, a local certified financial planner.

Dorner described Smith as his "greatest friend, accountant, entrepreneur, and even better human being. You are probably the most well balanced person I've ever met and the most driven for success... I love you bro."

Dorner also wrote about Clark County Court, stating: "You even allow this visibly disgusting officer to stay on the job when she perjures - lies in court, Clark County Family Court."

It's a possible reference to a restraining order Dorner filed against ex-girlfriend, who worked in the LAPD's crime lab.

In the report, Dorner claims the woman came to his Las Vegas home and threatened to kill herself when he wanted to break up.

Dorner also unsuccessfully requested a restraining order against another ex-girlfriend, Ariana Williams, in 2006, after he claimed she posted his badge number on a website called and harassed him.

The Nevada Highway Patrol and Henderson police are also pairing up officers in response to the manhunt. Normally theses agencies keep one officer to a vehicle to cover a larger area, but with Dorner on the loose, they're not taking any chances.

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