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Crews continue to clean up Hartford after Charlotte


Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra wants the capital city back to normal Wednesday, and crews are out in full force making sure that goal is met.

"Much better than yesterday, I would say," said Pankaj Patil, who works at Travelers. "Yesterday, we had tons and tons of piles all around so it was hard walking on the pathways. It was slippery."

The parking ban downtown was lifted at noon and will expire for the rest of the city by midnight.

Public schools will be open Thursday, but students will have an hour delay.

All the roads were passable in the city Tuesday night, according to the mayor.

"All streets are passable; 90 percent of streets in the Central Business District are cleared curb to curb," Segarra said in a statement. "We're focused on hauling the snow out of here and widening streets as much as possible. Our progress is evident."

Ten crews cleared sidewalks to allow foot traffic, and 11 teams removed snow from around bus stops, ramps and school routes. Volunteers helped clear sidewalks for the elderly.

"We don't have anywhere to walk on the sidewalk," said Hartford resident Taraia Menefee. "The street is OK, but we're walking in the street."

Segarra said property owners will have more time to clear sidewalks. 

"The sidewalks, some of them are too narrow and they need to be widened out some more," said Elizabeth Cameron of Hartford. "Some places it's wide, some places its not."

A fleet of payloaders and dump trucks were on Main Street in the North End trying to get rid of as much snow as possible from the cramped streets.

"The EOC (emergency operations center) closed today, and we're getting back to normal," Segarra said in statement.

School was canceled again Wednesday, but residents have been told cars need to be removed from school parking lots by 6 a.m. Thursday.

The missed school days will be added to the end of the school year, and officials said April vacation will not be affected.

The city towed more than 200 cars and issued more than 400 citations for motor vehicles left in the streets during Blizzard Charlotte. Those vehicles left there delayed the cleanup progress.

"A lot of cars did get towed, so it took a long time to get everybody off the streets," said resident Leonard Stanley.

Segarra said fire hydrants also need to be cleared.

Trash collection will resume next week.

A lot of complains are being made about crews working in the middle of the city during the busiest times of the day - rush hour.

The response from Gov. Dannel Malloy and Segarra is simply that work needs to be done around the clock.

Fans will head to the downtown area for the University of Connecticut men's basketball team's game vs. Syracuse at XL Center at 7 p.m. Segarra said there are plenty of street, garage and parking lot space available in the downtown area.

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