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Cities, towns consider dumping snow in Long Island Sound


West Haven was still digging out Thursday after Blizzard Charlotte dumped three feet of snow on the city.

City officials are working with the state to push the snow into the water because crews are having a hard time figuring out where to put it. 

Parking lots throughout the city were filled with snow on Thursday, making it difficult for residents taking their children to school.

"It's rough," said Amy Pragano of West Haven.

City crews have been working to make roads passable, widening streets and clearing sidewalks.

"Cars were just abandoned all over," said West Haven Mayor John Picard. "Some people did not heed the warning and thought they could go out and they just left their cars there."

Crews from West Haven have made room in the city by sending truckloads of snow out into Long Island Sound. New Haven is also considering the idea.

The Connecticut National Guard oversaw the operation in West Haven.

Waterbury city leaders are also trying to figure out places to put the snow and have received a waiver from Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection to put it in the Naugatuck River.

Connecticut law doesn't allow for dumping into rivers and lakes because the snow picks up pollutants from the road. But they're making a special exception because there's just so much snow.

However, some people do not support that idea.

"There is an emergency and I empathize with city leaders. They are faced with an issue on where to put this snow," The Naugatuck River Revival Group said in a statement Tuesday. "The snow is pretty pure but there are still pollutants."

Picard said he is now getting ready to deal with the bills piling up from the cleanup. He is expected to ask  congressional leaders to allow them a bigger window than 48 hours to submit the reimbursement costs.

"There's flexibility in the 48 hours. We're trying to get that to 72 ours or 96 hours," he said. "Like I said, we have outside contractors, pay loaders. We have a lot of people coming here to remove the snow."

West Haven officials said they estimate Blizzard Charlotte is cost them about $25,00 per day.

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