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Pay It Forward

Woman helps improves other people's lives without thought of reward

© Laura Ann Weekes, who is in pink, talks with a woman at a nursing home near her home. (Photo Courtesy Kelly McEvoy) © Laura Ann Weekes, who is in pink, talks with a woman at a nursing home near her home. (Photo Courtesy Kelly McEvoy)

Eyewitness News met a woman whose "hobby" is helping those in need including foster children, servicemen and women, the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

Kelly McAvoy, of Broad Brook, wanted to honor her friend and nominated her in the Channel 3 Eyewitness News contest Pay It Forward.

McAvoy said her choice to nominate Laura Ann Weekes is for all her efforts.

In the contest, each week we give a viewer $500. That viewer has just 60 minutes to give the money away to someone, who needs a little boost in life.

Weekes was chosen by WFSB from hundreds of entries because of her giving spirit.

After hearing about the contest, McAvoy "immediately" thought of her friend, who she works with.

McAvoy said Weekes runs a monthly bingo at the nursing home near her home. She works with organizations such as the national DARE program and Kids in Limos that transport children to hospital visits and treatments.

But, Weekes' volunteer efforts don't stop there. She also works with organizations that help foster kids and people who have disabilities live more independent lives.

"Each one of the programs is my way of just tributing them and making something better for somebody else," Weekes said.

She also collects flip flops and sneakers for children in Haiti and sends people cards, while raising two teenagers and having a husband.

"She believes in giving quietly and just doing it for the goodness of it and from your heart," McAvoy said.

McAvoy said Weekes created the charity From the Heart, which is dedicated to two of her brothers-in-law that were lost to brain cancer within a very short period of time.

"You realize people did little things along the way to help you out," Weekes said.

"I'd like to see her treat herself to something because I think she's digging into her own pockets to help others," McAvoy said when asked why she nominated her friend.

After handing McAvoy the money, Eyewitness News crews were rolling when Weekes arrived to pickup donated groceries from her.

"I think people really want to help, but a lot of times, you think that you have to help in a big way," Weekes told Eyewitness News.

She said that by donating one item a week, it can make a difference in someone's life.

"It doesn't have to be big," said Weekes, who knows previous Pay It Forward recipient Annalee Hughes. "But it's the intention. You know, you want to make a difference."

Weekes told Eyewitness News that giving is the way that she wants to live her life.

"I want to be a blessing for others," she said. "I want to see people happy, you know? I think life is hard enough and I think it's very important that we all try to be a blessing to someone else."

In the end, Weekes said she is giving the $500 to people who have previously made donations to From the Heart.

For more information about From the Heart, click the following link.

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