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Wethersfield knows all too well the power of meteorites


It was like a scene straight out of the movie Armageddon, except Bruce Willis didn't have to blast into space.

A meteorite streaked across the Russian sky before exploding today. It was a close call causing a lot of damage and injuring more than 1,100 people.

But did you know that the town of Wethersfield once experienced something similar not once - but twice?

Wanda Donahue hadn't seen the video of the meteorite which lit up the sky over central Russia so Channel 3's Dan Kain showed her some clips on his iPhone.

"Oh, that's great!" she said.

And the scenes are impressive - if that's the correct word.

But Donahue has already had her own experiences with space rocks.

"We were just sitting watching television and, ah, we were watching M.A.S.H.," she told Kain.

That's when a meteorite crashed into her Wethersfield home in 1982.

"And all of a sudden we heard this huge bang in the front of the house," she said. "I ran through the kitchen and the dining room and looked up at the ceiling and there was this hole."

It was a six-pounder - the second one to hit the town in less than 12 years.

"There was plaster and pieces of wood scattered everywhere," she said. "It bounced, and bounced again through the dining room ceiling and then it landed under the dining room table."

Donahue has scrapbooks with all the coverage she received on that day, and even has a theory as to why it hit her house.

"Maybe we needed a little excitement," she said.

From time to time Donahue visits the portion of her roof, the sheathing underneath, and the plaster the object cut through on its way to her dining room - all of which are on display at the Wethersfield Historical Society.

The Donahues donated the rock itself to the Peabody Museum at Yale University.

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