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Gas prices on the rise in Hartford


Gas prices in and around the Hartford area are on the rise, according to GasBuddy.

GasBuddy conducted a daily survey of 418 gas stations in Hartford and found that prices have risen by 4.1 cents in the past week.

That averages out to about $3.91 a gallon.

Nationally, GasBuddy reported, gas prices have seen an average rise of 11.9 cents per gallon last week and are holding at an average of $3.68 a gallon.

"The steady climb of retail gas prices is likely to continue following double-digit increases in wholesale prices with fuel production tightening in the majority of the country's refineries," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskoski. "Los Angeles has climbed to $4.28 per gallon with a 55-cent average price increase in the past month, and that rate was surpassed in Chicago ($4.09 average price) and Detroit ($3.86 per gallon average), where motorists saw 63- and 64-cent respective increases over the same period. New York crossed the $4 threshold too."

According to GasBuddy, the average price for a gallon of gas in Connecticut stands at $3.96 a gallon. That puts Connecticut at the fourth most expensive place to buy the fuel.

The top five most expensive locations to buy gas were:

  • Hawaii ($4.31)
  • California ($4.15)
  • New York ($3.96)
  • Connecticut ($3.96)
  • Washington, DC ($3.94)

GasBuddy reported the cheapest state on average to buy gas was in Wyoming. It's a steal at $3.15 a gallon. The cheapest city to buy gas is Billings, MT, where it's $3.12 a gallon.

According to AAA, a state gas tax increase takes effect in July, which add a few more cents to each gallon. 

"It goes down a little bit and then it goes right back up again, so here we are," said Heather Rancourt.

People at the pumps reacted to the news.

"It's constantly going up and its a killer on the cars on the job, especially if you're going home to home," said Susan Lee of Enfield. "You're just breaking even."

Some Connecticut drivers will go as far as crossing the border for fuel. Drivers can save about 20 cents per gallon of fuel.

"The gas is a little cheaper right over the line here," said Charles Dunn of Enfield.

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