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Flint mayor addresses EFM, crime


On Monday, Flint Mayor Dayne Walling delivered his "state of the city" address, for the second time under the leadership of an emergency financial manager.

The city is trying to tackle a number of problems, from a budget deficit to crime.

The mayor laid out what he believes are the city's most pressing issues.

No. 1 is crime. The city had 66 homicides in 2012, tying an all-time record set just two years ago.

Also on the agenda is setting a long-term financial plan for the city.

Right now, the city has a $19 million deficit.

But with emergency financial manager Ed Kurtz running the show, just how much of the mayor's plan for the city will actually be implemented?

The mayor addressed that during his speech.

"A prosperous future can only be achieved by us here working together, so Mr. governor, the citizens of the city of Flint deserve to make decisions about our future," Dayne Walling, Flint mayor, said.

The mayor also talked about the need to rid the city of blight.

Walling announced that the city is one step closer to getting a $3.7 million fund from the state to help with that.

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