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Waterbury students head back to class after 13 snow days


For the first time in 13 days, students in Waterbury went back to class Wednesday.

School was canceled since Blizzard Charlotte dumped up to 3 feet of snow across Connecticut. Students missed six days because of the storm and they were already scheduled off for Monday and Tuesday for President's Day and Lincoln's Birthday.

Parents we talked with say it's about time, and they're glad they're back.

"It's a relief," said Kasper Watson of Waterbury. "Kids need to go back to school, get that education, very important."

It took days for Waterbury to dig out from the storm. The city even hired hundreds of students and adults to shovel out the schools, freeing up city crews to work on cleaning up and widening the roads.

Waterbury's mayor said the reason for keeping the schools closed all last week was simply because of the sizeable snow fall, the challenges of removing it and making sure sidewalks and bus stops are safe.

Early Wednesday morning, crews made final preparations such as a plow truck sanding the parking lot at Reed Elementary School and a custodian salting the walkway as students made their way to Kingsbury Elementary School.

In an announcement on its website, the Waterbury school district reminded students and their parents to use extreme caution when crossing the streets and waiting for the bus because of the snow banks potentially reducing the line of sight for drivers.

Waterbury had police officers stationed at various locations and bus stops to ensure students were safe.

"They were giving us a hand, especially with the kids now a days," said Kasper Watson of Waterbury. "Some sidewalks are not cleared, good that they're helping out."

While sidewalks in front of the schools were clear, there are many in neighborhoods that are still snow covered.

"I drove my grandson," said Gen Adams of Waterbury. "I usually walk him every day, but some sidewalks were not plowed, shoveled. And if they were shoveled they had patches of ice."

In Waterbury, the last day of class is now scheduled for June 20. That means the district still has six more days to play with should they miss any more time because of snow before reaching the end of June cutoff date, which is required by the state.

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