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Pot holes become problem in Connecticut


Eyewitness News spotted several pot holes in New London, and it is something drivers should be watching out for this time of year.

Pot holes are commonly known to form during the winter months because the roads freeze, thaw and crack.

The vicious cycle led to pot holes on Jefferson Avenue and Granite Street.

Connecticut College student Alex Hering told Eyewitness News that pot holes have caused $4,000 worth of damage to his car.

"The struts on my car are probably worse now that I've run over some potholes," said Tiffany Pepas of New London.

Dave Button of Absolute Auto said pot holes can cause "substantial damage to a vehicle" such as broken springs, broken ball joints, tie-rod ends and cracked frames.

"Lot of times these things will go down in a hole, pop a ball joint right at the bottom," said Ray Button of Absolute Auto.

Blizzard Charlotte was also tough on the city's plow, even though the New London Public Works Department crews prepped for the snow.

"It's an ongoing task because of the freeze/thaw cycles," said Dave DeNoia, who works for the New London Public Works Department. "We have six-ton in the back of the truck now. We'll probably use that in the next couple of days."

New London Public Works Department crews were busy Wednesday going around the city patching pot holes.

The pothole season traditionally lasts about six to eight weeks. 

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