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'Cookie monster' breaks into sweets shop


A burglar that Dunwoody police are calling "the cookie monster" broke into Ali's Cookie Shop early Monday, leaving behind a bizarre list of items.

A police report said the thief left behind a cigarette box, a Doritos bag and cookies.

Owner Alison Rosengarten said that she is concerned that someone was easily able to break into the shop's back door.

"There was no evidence of a break in," Rosengarten said. "Police say it's awfully easy to get into back doors, so we're getting that taken care of. He literally came in, ate some cookies that we had sitting there, sat in front of the heater to get warm, probably used the bathroom and then left."

After the incident, she decided to put in a security camera and hopes to make the back door to her store more secure.

"I definitely think it's worth it to have a security camera, because you just never know," Rosengarten said. "Even if you don't have a lot that could be taken, it's still yours and you don't want anyone to touch it, especially someone you don't know."

Her feelings about having cookies stolen are mixed.

"It's actually kind of a compliment because he obviously loves our cookies," Rosengarten said. "He may have been a customer here at some point, I have no idea. But I also don't like the idea that someone was in my store in the middle of the night that I don't know about."

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