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Proposal would allow debit card users pay same as cash at the pump


Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow residents to pay the same price with debit cards as they now do with cash while fueling up at gas stations.

Two bills heard by the general law committee Thursday would require that discount to also apply to customers paying with debit cards.

"I'd definitely be cool paying the cash price for debit there, because that's all I use," said Nick Allen of New Britain.

However, some gas station owners said it's not the same thing and that's the problem.

"We get charged a fee on debit cards the same way we get charged a fee on credit cards, so that's the rational reason why when you use a debit card or pay with a check, you don't get the cash price," said Michael Fox of the National Gas Retailers Association in a statement to WFSB Thursday.

The gas retailers said the other issue with looking into this as state law is federal law regulates the credit card companies, which could overrule it.

"I actually thought when I first started using my debit card that it did a cash price because it's, I can go in and take the cash out and it's the same thing," said Susie Ladas of New Britain.

The owners told Eyewitness News if the credit card companies would drop their fees, they wouldn't have to charge extra at all.

Lawmakers need to decide if they're going to advance these proposed bills on to the General Assembly.

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