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Snow leads to roof collapse at Gladstone dance studio


Police in Gladstone say a dance studio's roof collapsed overnight because of the weight of snow.

The building houses Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance, which has been operating in the area for years.

A dance instructor came to the studio Friday morning to give a private lesson when she noticed sunlight and a gaping hole, said Dana McGuire, the studio's owner.

"One of our teachers came in to do some private lessons when she walked in she saw daylight through the ceiling. So she called Mrs. Priscilla and told her to sit down when she told her that the roof had fallen in."

The instructor also called authorities. Due to the smell of gas, Missouri Gas Energy came out to turn off the gas.

No one was injured. The building has been condemned.

The dance studio is looking for rental space in order to resume classes.

The studio is located at 2700 Brooktree Lane. There is no threat to surrounding buildings.

McGuire said she was grateful that no one was at the studio when the roof collapsed. On a typical Thursday night, it would be packed but the studio was closed last night due to the snow.

"That's the very best part," she said. "We're not sure if it fell last night or this morning."

Sgt. Richard King, spokesman for the city of Gladstone, said city inspectors will determine whether the building can be saved or needs to be turned down. A thorough inspection will be done once the snow has melted.

"The roof over the classroom portion of the building is completely collapsed. The roof trusses are broken down in that area, and all of the supports are gone," King said. "The building was built in the early 80s so the codes at the time were much different than they are today. The loading was probably exceeding what it was rated for."

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