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Potholes becoming major headache for drivers


Whether you're driving to work or dropping the kids off at school, chances are you'll run into a pothole.

Drivers say potholes are becoming a major headache, and officials with the state Department of Transportation said they're trying to keep up with repairs.

"I try to avoid it," said Aaron Hillman. "I swerve a lot so I don't hit them at all."

Smashing into potholes can damage your car, and swerving to avoid them can be dangerous.

Along the Interstate 84 exit ramp at Sisson Avenue in Hartford, drivers can be seen weaving around them so they don't damage their vehicles.

DOT workers said they will be filling potholes in that area Tuesday, using street curbs to make a heated asphalt mix.

It's only a temporary fix.

The DOT said it could be a while before there's a permanent fix to the problem because potholes form when water melts, freezes and then thaws again.

The more that happens, the more bumps you'll feel when you're driving.

According to the DOT, a permanent fix can't be completed until spring.

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