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Care facility in Litchfield fined for resident treatment


Eyewitness News has learned new details about a residential care facility in Litchfield, which is in trouble for the way it treated its residents.

According to a state investigation, the staff at the Fernwood Rest Home is accused of more than just locking out residents while eating gourmet food.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health made an unannounced visit to the residential care facility on Nov. 21, 2012. During the visit, state officials discovered the following items:

  • Failed to ensure residents' dietary needs, where some residents appeared underfed. 
  • Failed to treat residents with respect/dignity.
  • Failed to maintain control over residents' funds and often wouldn't let residents view their accounts.
  • Failed to monitor residents' medication use in that some pills could not be accounted for.

In the report, people living at the Fernwood Rest Home said staff administrators told them they had to "go shopping to feed the monkeys."

This investigation prompted the state on March 5 to order the removal of one of the people in this longtime family-run business, declaring, "Vivian Adkins will no longer be the person in charge."

John Horseman took over as the temporary manager at the Fernwood Rest Home.

"There's nobody in harm, nobody in jeopardy and the residents are really pretty happy," Horseman told Eyewitness News.

Horseman added that he was getting calls from families of residents at the Fernwood Rest Home and they said "we're happy."

Horseman told Eyewitness News he has been a home administrator for 40 years.

He added that while we shouldn't believe everything we hear about the place, he is here to "straighten some things out."

Fernwood Rest Home was fined $2,000 by the state following the investigation

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