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Thieves climbing onto roofs between buildings in New Haven


There is an easy way onto the roofs of some city buildings in New Haven, and that is making it easy for some criminals.

The huge cement blocks are piled up on the edge of the plaza area in between two federal buildings.

People want the blocks moved because they are basically creating a stairway to the roofs of buildings where people should not be.

Residents and the building owner of the new residential properties in downtown New Haven have seen people on the roofs. 

New Haven business owner Robert Orr said within a week of the copper flashing being installed on a building near his own, it was stolen.

"The concrete barriers were brought in for a construction project," the United States General Services Administration said in a statement to WFSB. "The agency will relocate the stacked barriers to address the concerns expressed by adjacent property owners this week."

New Haven Alderman Donald Hausladen recently sent a letter to the United States General Services Administration. 

"Without removing the blocks, we're not going to remove people from the roof," Hausladen said.

Hausladen told Eyewitness News that he plans to make sure the blocks are moved.

The people trying to run businesses and live under these roofs are also happy the problem is being taken care of.

"If you can get rid of the easy access, we can eliminate at least the casual interlopers," Orr said.

The federal government also told Eyewitness News they are committed to being good neighbors and will continue to work with local officials and property owners.

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