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Lawmakers scrap assault weapons ban


Gov. Dannel Malloy is voicing his displeasure after lawmakers in Washington scrapped a plan for a federal assault weapons ban.

Malloy and others pushed for the ban following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but Senate Democrats said they didn't have enough votes.

"I'm not going to try and put something on the floor that won't succeed," said Sen. Harry Reid. "I want something that will succeed."

Without enough votes, Democrats in the United States Senate said an assault weapons ban will not be part of their gun control bill when lawmakers vote next month.

Leaders said they don't have the support to push it trough Congress and fear including it would jeopardize the passing of the other proposals.

From the beginning, the ban faced staunch resistance from both the National Rifle Association and many Republican lawmakers.

"Why would we want to make an otherwise law abiding citizen into a criminal if they want to use these weapons to defend themselves and their families," said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

Malloy said he is disappointed and will continue to advocate for what he calls "common sense gun safety reforms."

In Connecticut, lawmakers continue to push toward some type of bipartisan reform in the wake of Sandy Hook.

While leaders from both parties continue with closed door talks, the General Assembly's Public Safety and Security Committee approved bills that would require criminal background checks for all private firearm sales, along with toughening up the rule against carrying a loaded weapon while intoxicated.

The committee also approved a proposal requiring local authorities to issue permits for gun shows in their city or town.

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